National Outages & Mutual Aid

48 Hour & 72 Hour Forecast Access

Be Prepared For The Next Large Weather Event

The 48 & 72 hour forecasting and SPIA Index® solutions provide you with advanced warning and knowledge of upcoming weather events.


Weather information direct from the regulating source, the National Weather Service.

SPIA Index

Proven ice damage predictions as far as 72 hours in advance!


Setup and manage regional or state level damage alerts through email and/or text message.

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What's Included:

  • 24, 48, & 72-hour forecasts directly from the National Weather Service updated hourly
  • 5 forecast types
    • SPIA Index®
    • Quantitative Precipitation
    • Snow and Sleet
    • Temperature
    • Apparent Temperature
  • SPIA Index® Alerting Tools: receive email and text alerts for predicted ice damage in your state and/or region 24, 48, or 72 hours in advance. 

 $9.00/month per individual user

This plan is for individual users only and is not intended for email groups or bulk forwarding per the terms of use.

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