National Outages & Mutual Aid

Statewide Outage Solutions

Many electrical providers utilize Outage Management Software (OMS) to monitor the status of their electrical meters. Global Reach currently has integration with the following OMS Vendors: NISC, Futura, and Milsoft. Electrical cooperatives using these OMS systems can send outage data to us automatically. Electrical outages can also be reported by electrical cooperatives manually through an online form.

We are willing to work with other vendors as well. We are always open to building integrations with additional OMS Vendors. Provide us with your vendor contact information and we’d be happy to see if their systems can automatically report to the outage map. Let's get the conversation started! 

Global Reach logs and displays the outages information reported by electric cooperative users. The communication is one-way, and while we cannot control the data at its source, we can control what information is displayed. If you do not want to show any outages on the map until a threshold of 100 is reached, so be it! 

We have great relationships with the OMS vendors we are integrated with. Simply contact your OMS Representative and let them know you want to start sending your data to Global Reach for the National or Statewide Electrical Outage Map.

We have built-in controls to allow electric cooperative managers or other administrators to disable automated reporting temporarily if needed.

This is completely up to each reporting cooperative. Our systems are listening at all times and can receive updates by the minute if desired! This is a setting you will determine with your Outage Management Software vendor.

We have tools just for that case! If outage numbers have not changed for 24 and 48 hours we notify the respective electric cooperative manager to bring it to their attention. 

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