National Outages & Mutual Aid

Electrical Outage Management

Supporting Your Cooperative Members

Our electrical outage management solution is specifically built for statewide rural electric associations. We are committed to serving the industry to provide cloud-based collaborative tools so you can provide your members and state with improved storm preparedness and fast power restoration. We offer seamless compatibility and integration across state and federal systems, including NRECA and OMS vendors such as:

  • NISC
  • Futura
  • Milsoft
  • dataVoice
  • Survalent

Electrical Outage Reports and Mapping

In severe weather and other natural disasters, nothing is as important as keeping your members informed on outage information.

Statewide electrical outage maps provide a clear view of live electrical outages across all cooperatives and counties. Promote positive public relations by focusing on safety and communication using live outage maps. Outage maps are capable of staying up-to-date and maintenance free by integrating with each cooperative's automated outage management system using a Global Reach-developed API. Currently NISC, Futura, Milsoft, dataVoice, and PYXIS OMS™ have all enhanced their tools to submit outage data automatically.

Website users can also toggle the weather layer to view live storm paths helping to predict outcomes and prepare crews in advance. 

Outage Analysis & Dashboard

This intuitive outage monitoring dashboard allows your safety and loss personnel to keep track of past and ongoing outage trends. Export Microsoft Excel reports to examine archived historical data. Quickly filter visual information to analyze macro or micro data reports. Custom email notifications allow members to receive alerts and stay informed during outage events.



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