National Outages & Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid & Resource Management

Share Crews & Resources between Cooperatives

Our mutual aid and resource management features provide the ability to submit and fulfill cooperative requests for crews and equipment. Cooperatives can quickly and easily share resources while keeping accurate records of the support provided.

Transparency & Collaboration

The mutual aid features provided by Global Reach through the website bring a wealth of possibilities of national collaboration and transparency to the rural electric industry. Fulfilling the cooperative principle of "Cooperation Among Cooperatives" to a level that has not been achieved before. 

Damage Reporting Tools

Gone are the days of collecting and comparing damage reports. Our damage reporting tools provide statewide associations the ability to gather data electronically while coupling historical outage and mutual aid data into a consolidated, clean report package. This package can then be provided to your state emergency agency or to FEMA upon request. 

How To Get Started

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